colombia coffee farmer inspecting coffee beans as they grow
coffee growing region of santander in colombia features steep hillsides
coffee farmers in colombia with the pulping machine that produces washed coffee beans

Colombia Santander La Pradera
Green Coffee Beans

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The Daza Bautista family is now in the fourth generation of family members involved in producing coffee at the La Pradera Estate.  "La Pradera" is a beautiful green place in Spanish, and the Daza family has created that through a deep commitment to environmentalism and sustainability.  They've planted bananas, cassava and a variety of other shade trees on the farm to increase bio-diversity.

The farm is located outside of Aratoca, in the Santander department of Colombia.  Located in the Northeast of the country, Santander is known for exceptional sweetness.  This washed castillo coffee is an exceptional version of a classic Colombian coffee.

Country Colombia
Recommended Roast Level Medium Roast
Tasting Notes Exceptional sweetness
Process Washed
Density, g/L 769
Product Type Green (Raw, Unroasted) Coffee Beans
Species Coffea arabica
Varietal(s) Castillo