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Green Coffee Beans

Peru Chirinos

Peru Chirinos

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La Prosperidad de Chirinos was founded over 50 years ago with the aim to support their community, and obtain high quality coffee beans.  In pursuit of this goal, "Chirinos" as they're called, has become a leader in sustainable and high quality coffee production in the Cajamarca region of Peru.  The cooperative has initiated programs of bio-diverse production using intercropping as a way to diversify their producers income and livelihood while working to improve farm outputs for producers.

Roast Recipe, Behmor Machines
Batch Size: 12 oz (340 g) or ~2 cups of green coffee beans
Press These Buttons to Start: 1, Reduce time to 17:20, Start, P5, D
Approx. Start of First Crack: 2:00 on the timer

Press These Buttons During the Roast: 

  • At the start of First Crack, Press P4 and Roast for 30 seconds
  • When the timer reads 1:30, Press P3 
Cooling Method: Open Door
Result: Medium-Light Roast coffee beans

My tour guide Obal, demonstrated how in his farm he is growing mango, banana, corn, raising chickens, farming trout, and growing vegetables all on his farm.  The cooperative also has services for raising pigs, and guinea pigs along with communal composting and compost training.  It's remarkable to see the sophistication.

It's even more remarkable to taste the coffees, densely sweet, and delicate.  The cotton candy like flavors are almost reminiscent of the fog that you can catch in the highlands on some days.

Country Peru
Recommended Roast Level Medium-Light to Dark Roast
Tasting Notes Sweetened Chocolate, Ripe Stone Fruit
Process Washed
Density, g/L 742
Product Type Green (Raw, Unroasted) Coffee Beans
Species Coffea arabica
Varietal(s) Caturra, Pache, Mundonovo, Bourbon, Typica, Catuai & Catimor
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