decaffeinated green coffee beans.  These unroasted coffee beans are from Colombia.
view of two ridges converging on the horizon, as a path wanders down the ravine between them.  Purple mountains set the backdrop in the distant horizon in the Huila department of Colombia
a sign that reads "detras de cada gran persona, Hay una cantidad sustancial de cafe", or in English: "behind every great person is a substantial amount of coffee"

Decaf Colombia
Green Coffee Beans

Colombia is one of the most versatile origins when it comes to cup profile, so we felt it made the perfect offering for our first Decaf.

Able to shine with a wide range of roasts, you can keep this light and enjoy zippy acidity, and clean cup.  With a darker roast, you'll get heavy caramels and full body.

As one of the coffee producing countries with the most established cultures for producing and selling coffee, Colombia generally produces high quality.  Coffee farmers are able to sell their coffee locally in towns where merchants purchase based on weight and defect count, and producers brag about the density and prices they get for their "oro" or gold, as they call the parchment coffee.

Country Colombia
Recommended Roast Level Medium Roast to Dark Roast
Tasting Notes Heavy caramels
Process Methyl Chloride
Density, g/L 750
Product Type Green (Raw, Unroasted) Coffee Beans
Species Coffea arabica
Varietal(s) Castillo