unroasted coffee beans from guatemala; this lot of green coffee should be roasted to a medium roast or a dark roast
coffee farm in guatemala growing coffea arabica of the bourbon and caturra varietals
raw coffee beans in guatemala ready for the washed process

Guatemala Huehuetenango Las Terrazas
Green Coffee Beans

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Now in the third generation of family coffee growers, Las Terrazas is a classic Huehuetenango coffee from Guatemala.

The high elevations of 1700-2050 meters of this farm lead to dense sweetness and pronounced chocolaty character, all wrapped in a silky smooth body.

Fully washed, feel free to take this coffee a little on the darker side.  Best at medium and darker roasts.

Country Guatemala
Recommended Roast Level Medium Roast to Dark Roast
Tasting Notes Dense sweetness and pronounced chocolate
Process Washed
Density, g/L 747
Product Type Green (Raw, Unroasted) Coffee Beans
Species Coffea arabica
Varietal(s) Bourbon and Caturra