How To Roast Your First Batch of Coffee at Home (The Short Answer)

recommended stove setting and flame height for roasting coffee at home in a cast iron pan

As seen here, the edges of the flame should reach about halfway between the center and wall of the pan.

Curious about roasting coffee at home but worried it requires lots of equipment? Here's how you can do a basic coffee roast at home with things you already own in about 15 minutes.

The Short Answer
4 oz green coffee (2/3 cup) Metal whisk
 8" cast iron skillet Metal strainer
  1. Pour green coffee into room-temperature skillet
  2. Turn on fan and open windows
  3. Set burner to medium (see above photo) and start a timer
  4. Stir slowly and constantly for 11-13 minutes:
    • ~5 min: Most beans should change from green to yellow
    • ~8 min: A quarter to a third of beans should be brown; you should hear a cracking sound
    • ~9-11 min: Cracking sound should increase, peak, then taper off
    • ~11-13 min: Turn off the stove and transfer coffee to strainer

    You'll know the coffee is done when it looks like this:

    The coffee will likely end up with a blend of flavors that may surprise you: chocolate-covered orange peel with a hint of smoke. The lighter beans contribute the citrus notes; medium roast beans give the dominant chocolate; and the darkest beans imbue the smokiness.