<b>Blend Sample Box</b><br><small> Green Coffee Beans</small>

Blend Sample Box
Green Coffee Beans

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This is a starter pack that let's you sample, 1LB each of our Pre-Roast Blend Coffees

Billie the Kid Espresso - Chocolatey, Nutty, and Creamy

Proud Strut Espresso - Lemon, Berries, and Sweet

Big Bull Dark Roast- Roasty, Smokey, and Bold

Kaldi's Herd Drip Blend - Caramel, Chocolate, and Citrus

Moka Java - Rustic, Cedar and Sweet

A perfect way to get introduced to our offerings, and decide what you like.  We hope you'll enjoy sampling this selection.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on each of the coffees.