Coffee farmer Panchito Villeda, who grows high quality green coffee beans in the Copan region of Honduras.
Coffee Farmer Panchito Villeda explains how he grows his coffee to Slack Bag Founder Dan Streetman.  Panchito is recognized for growing the best green coffee beans by his Fair Trade Organic Cooperative in Western Honduras.
Coffee Depulper, fermentation tanks and washing channels which are located on the coffee farm of Panchito Villeda.  An arabica coffee grower in Copan Honduras.

Honduras Panchito Villeda

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Jose Francisco Villeda, or Panchito as he is known in his community, is a model producer.  After winning a local micro-lot competition in 2011 Panchito has become a model of quality and perseverance.  Battling Leaf rust, and continuing to produce top quality lots year after year.  He grows primarily red and yellow catuai, which lend depth and richness to the cup.  The yellow catuai especially, increases the sweetness.

This year's lot is dripping with characteristic honey sweetness, yellow fruits and syrupy body.  Try roasting it to city+ to bring out it's best expression.  You may even try using it as a single origin espresso, or espresso blend base.