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Green Coffee Beans

Rwanda Nyamasheke Gasharu Washed

Rwanda Nyamasheke Gasharu Washed

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Subtle and refined this coffee has intense sweetness laced with delicate floral and fruit flavors.  This cup is layered with cherry, mandarin, vanilla, jasmine at lighter roasts.  As you take the coffee deeper you'll approach chocolate covered walnut, or hazelnut.

This floral, sweet stunner is the result of immaculate environment.  Nestled on the southern edge of Lake Kivu near the Ngyungwe National Forest the coffee has a lush environment to thrive.  Combined with the Rumenerangabo family's experience growing coffee in the area since 1976, and you're primed for a delicious cup. Now, Gasharu has grown to incorporate two washing stations, and over 1650 small holder farmers in the area.  They also employ around 300 women in the washing station where the coffee is dry fermented for 12-14 hours before being rinsed, floated for density and dried on raised beds.

Country Rwanda
Recommended Roast Level Light-Medium Roast
Tasting Notes Cherry Preserves, Vanilla, Mandarin
Process Washed
Density, g/L 760
Product Type Green (Raw, Unroasted) Coffee Beans
Species Coffea arabica
Varietal(s) Bourbon
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